Due to the severe weather from Hurricane Sandy, the date of the tournament has been rescheduled to November 11, 2012.

The anglers meetings will be on at 6:30pm on Saturday November 10th at The Sandbar restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.

Lake St. Clair Muskie Challenge
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Muskellunge Handling

The following below is a list of procedures given by the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) on how to properly handle Muskellunge in/out of the water, please read and consider everything stated below.

  • Fish are required to be landed as quickly as possible. Anglers are encouraged to not play any fish to the point of exhaustion. Tournament participants should use proper gear which is heavy enough to quickly play and land a muskellunge without causing undue stress.
  • Any fish that is removed from the water and held for a picture or for any other purpose should be held horizontally, not vertically.
  • Handling of fish and air exposure should be minimized. Fish should never be held by the eyes or gills. Care should be taken to ensure that the protective mucous coating is not removed from the fish during handling.
  • In cases where holding is required for size verification, muskellunge of legal size should be held fully submersed in water using a large net or cradle.
  • Landing nets and/or cradles are required. The use of any gaff and/or lipping device to land or constrain a muskellunge is prohibited. A rubberized or coated oversized landing net is generally the best to minimize stress on the fish and optimize safety for the angler.
  • A muskellunge that is held for verifying its size is deemed to have been retained and counts towards the angler’s daily catch and possession limit.
  • An angler shall not resume fishing until the fish has successfully been released.
  • Livewells should not be used to hold muskellunge.
  • At no time should participants catch and retain or possess more fish than is allowed by law.
  • Removal of deeply ingested hooks is forbidden. Any fish caught by a tournament participant which is gut-hooked, that angler is required to cut the hook (using bolt cutters) as close to the point of penetration as possible.
  • Techniques used to artificially deflate the swim bladder of a fish angled from deep water are forbidden.
  • If the fish cannot be released alive, final disposition of the fish is the responsibility of the participant.